Why Doesn't God Always Answer My Prayers (4 of 6) by Stan Coffey

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Why Doesn't God Always Answer My Prayers (4 of 6)
Series: How To Get Your Prayers Answered
Dr. Stan Coffey
2 Corinthians 12:7-9


We are talking again tonight about prayer in a series on prayer and I want to talk tonight about why God sometimes doesn't answer prayer the way we want God to answer prayer.

As we begin, I want to call your attention to the Book of Second Corinthians Chapter 12 and I printed on your outline it is what Job said when he was in a depressed state when so many things had gone wrong in his life.

It just seemed that nothing had gone right. Job said, "I call to you oh God, but you never answer and when I pray you pay no attention."

You know I have had a lot of people tell me that they feel that way and even though I know that they know that's not true; they know deep down that God is paying attention. They know that God cares. They feel that way.

"God I'm calling on you but it doesn't do any good. It's not making a difference. You are not paying attention to my need." Maybe Paul even felt that way.

In 2 Corinthians 12 in Verse 7 Paul speaks about his thorn in the flesh. The thing I want us to see tonight is that Paul was a man of prayer and he is one of the greatest examples of prayer in the Bible.

In fact, many of his epistles, the chapters are prayers for people and he is a great pattern for prayer. Here he says, "AND LEST I SHOULD BE EXALTED ABOVE MEASURE THROUGH THE ABUNDANCE OF THE REVELATIONS,

THERE WAS GIVEN TO ME A THORN IN THE FLESH, THE MESSENGER OF SATAN TO BUFFET ME, LEST I SHOULD BE EXALTED ABOVE MEASURE. Now this thorn in the flesh, this physical ailment that kept him humbled before God and dependent upon God was something that was used by the devil in a negative way but it was used by God in a positive way.

Many, many things in our life we say, "Did this come from the devil or did this come from the Lord?" ...

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