Intercession For The Body Of Christ (5 of 6) by Stan Coffey

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Intercession For The Body Of Christ (5 of 6)
Series: How To Get Your Prayers Answered
Dr. Stan Coffey
Ephesians 3:14-21


Well tonight we are talking about prayers for the body of Christ and you might call this particular part of Ephesians 3, "A Pastor Prays for His People". We'll just look at a little bit of background in the Book of Ephesians.

As you know, the apostle Paul went to the city of Ephesus, which was a center of the worship of the goddess Dianna. In fact, the chief industry of the city was the making of little statues and idols to the goddess Dianna, the goddess of sensuality, the goddess of fertility.

Everywhere there were statues to her, there were temples to her, the great temple was there and you'll remember that he confronted those who made those statues. They were going out of business because so many people were turning from idols to Christ.

It was in that pagan context where no one knew Christ until Paul came that a great church was built and when you look at the context of that church.

Then you look at the Book of Ephesians and you see that one of the deepest books about spiritual truth, one of the richest books about what we have and who we are in Christ is written to that group of people who once were pagans in a pagan society but whose lives had been totally transformed.

Paul writes these words from prison. He is in prison for preaching the gospel. He is in Rome and as he is there and thinking of them the Holy Spirit moves in his heart and he begins to write to them and share with them.

Then he begins in Verse 14 this prayer and it is a pastor as he thinks about these people that he lead to the Lord, these people that he left behind, these people that he loved so dearly, he begins to pray for them and intercede for them.

I think this is what any of us should pray for our church. I think this is what we should pra ...

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