by Kerry Shook

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Finances By God (3 of 5)
Series: Under New Management
Pastor Kerry Shook

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God's Guarantee

• Phil. 4:19 (NIV)

1. Pray for it before you pay for it

• John 16:24 (NCV)

2. Plan how you spend and never bend

Proverbs 21:5 (GN)

3. When you have a need, plant a seed

• 2 Cor. 9:6-8 (NIV)

• Proverbs 3:9-10 (LB)

• Malachi 3:8 (NIV)


There are a lot of three digit numbers that have special meaning for us. So I thought I'd start today by giving us a little quiz. Now, I'll start with a real easy one. If you have an emergency in your home, what three-digit number do you call? "911" You guys are good at this. You go to the movies, but there are no good movies on, so you go see a bad movie about a British spy. What is the three-digit number of that British spy? "007" Very good! You fly on an International flight and the number of the plane that you probably fly is what? "747" or "777" Okay let's say that you go to a Black Sabbath heavy metal concert. I don't recommend it, but if you do, you may see a T-shirt or two with this three-digit number on it. What is that number? Yah, "666."

I have a friend who ran in the Houston Marathon several years ago. When he registered for the marathon, they gave him his number that he would be running with all through the marathon, and it was "666". He called me up and said, "Kerry, you're a pastor. I'm kind of scared about this. Is it okay for me to wear "666" when I run the Houston Marathon?" And, I said, "Bob, I don't think I'd be too worried about it unless they stamp it on your forehead. Then I'd get a little bit concerned if they did that."

Now the three-digit number that God wants you to remember when it comes to our finances is "419". That's right..."419" is God's secret to help us survive and thrive in a shaky economic environment. "419" is what you need to know to make it through a bear market. "419" is the number God gives us so we'll never again have to worry about our finances. It's the number...don't forget it..."419". Philippians 4:19. I want you to look at with me because it's God's guarantee for your finances.

Why don't you read it out loud with me? Don't be shy about it. Just read out loud with me Philippians 4:19. And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." That's a great promise.

I want you to circle the word all because God cares about all the details of your life, even finances. God says, "I'll meet all your needs." That includes mortgage payments to college tuition. God cares about it all. If you're worried about it, God cares about it, because he doesn't want you to worry about it. So God cares about all the things in our lives, especially our finances because he knows finances are important to us. So God cares about it.
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