Honest To God (3 of 5) by Kerry Shook

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Honest To God (3 of 5)
Series: Passion - Restoring Your Passion For Life
Pastor Kerry Shook

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Definition of Integrity: Undivided or unbroken state; completeness

• Prov. 28:26 (GWT)

• 1 Chron. 29:17 (NIV)


• Prov. 12:22 (GN)

• Open up and face the truth

• Eph. 4:15 (Amp)

• Dig in your feet and stand for the truth


You can tell everything you want to know about someone just by playing 18 holes of golf with them. He said I can tell you how competitive a person they are after 18 holes. I can tell you how creative of a person they are because you have to be really creative with some golf shots. He said I can tell you how they handle adversity because there are a lot of opportunities for adversity on a golf course. He said I can even tell you about their integrity, how honest a person they are after 18 holes of golf. Using that premise, I decided to send some of our pastors out to play a round of golf and I had a hidden camera watching them on the first hole. Just watch what happened.


That's got to make you feel a lot better about those pastors because now you know they work really hard because they certainly don't play any golf. We are in a series that I'm calling Passion and it's how to restore your passion for life because the problems and the hooks and the slices and the duffs of life tend to drain us of our passion. We've said that there are four ingredients to a passionate life. We're talking about the second ingredient today and that's integrity. Because one of the greatest passion stealers in our lives is a lack of integrity. It zaps us of our zest for life. A lack of integrity destroys passion and it destroys people. It even destroys businesses as we've seen with Enron and all these corporate scandals. A lack of integrity is devastating. I really do believe that we can learn a lot about integrity on the golf course of life. So, I want you to take out your score card from your program today. All your verses are listed there. At Fellowship Golf Club today we are going to tee up God's Word and find out what it has to say about integrity, because integrity is really a par 3. There are three steps to integrity. First,


Practice being a complete player. Now, some golfers on the pro tour are great with this club. The driver. But, as they say, you drive for show and you put for dough. Some of the players that can drive the ball the furthest, they can't put very well, but they are great drivers. Then, we also have others who have a great short game. They always save it out of the sand trap and save their par or they can always come out of the rough. They are great scramblers.
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