Mother Teresa - The Compassion of One Life (2 of 4) by Kerry Shook

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Mother Teresa - The Compassion of One Life (2 of 4)
Series: One Life
Pastor Kerry Shook

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"One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody." Mother Teresa

• Matt. 25:34-40(NIV)


• Matt. 25:44-46 (NIV)


• Matt. 9:36 (NIV)


An elderly nun moved slowly through the streets of Calcutta, India. Her wrinkled face, crooked back and 4'10" frame couldn't hide the fact that everyone who saw her immediately recognized her as one of the most powerful women of the 20th century, because Mother Teresa was too small to ignore. She was too humble to ignore. Her serving spirit shined like a beacon of light in a dark world of ego and pride and selfishness. Now she never set out to be powerful and influential. She just followed God's humble call to serve Him in India, but soon she was so disturbed by the poverty all around her that she was compelled to do something for those she considered too small to ignore. She began just to reach out and serve those who everyone else just ignored, the hurting and hopeless, the orphan, the leaper, the sick, the poor and the dying. She would say, one of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody. She would take into her mission beggars who were dying on the street, and she would hold their hand and pray with them as they slipped from this life to the next, to give them dignity in their last moments on this earth. This woman of small stature stood tall against world leaders as she stood for those would could not stand for themselves - the least of these, the unborn, the orphans, those with HIV/AIDS, leapers and the dying. The more she lowered herself, the more God lifted her up, and in 1979 she won the Nobel Peace Prize, and by the time of her death she had started 610 missions in 123 countries with orphanages, schools and hospitals. When Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany in the 1930s, he bemoaned the fact that the reformation had come to Germany many years before and Christianity had really taken root, because he said e Germans have been given the misfortune of having the wrong religion. He lamented the fact that why couldn't Germany have one of the other world religions that focused on power, because he said this, and I quote, we have Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness. Hitler hated Christianity because he hated the words of Jesus Christ when He talked of humility and compassion for the least of these, but real power comes from humility and compassion and serving others.
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