by Kerry Shook

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Lord of the Dance (3 of 4)
Series: The No-Regrets Challenge
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• John 13:1 (NIV)


Principle #1: Live Passionately

• Psalm 90:12 (LB)

• Waiting for perfect circumstances

• Luke 7:31, 32 (NIV)

• Wondering what people will think

• 2 Sam. 6:21, 22 (GN/NIV)


During this Lent season, we're embarking upon one of the most exciting journeys we've ever been on as a church. We're calling it the No-Regrets Challenge, and you, Woodlands Church, are leading churches all over the nation and really all over the world in this No-Regrets Challenge. In fact, I just heard there's a city in Canada that's doing the challenge. About ten churches are coming together to try to really impact their city and so I'm just so proud of you because God's using you in a great way. I really believe that the greatest regrets we'll have at the end of our lives are not the things that we did that we wished we hadn't of done, but the things that we didn't do, those opportunities we let slip through our grasp.

When my daughter, Megan, was four or five years old, we went to a restaurant that had a live band and after dinner I looked up and I saw Megan dancing her heart out right next to the band. She was the only one in the whole place dancing. There she was spinning around in reckless abandonment with this huge smile on her face, completely unconcerned about what anyone else in the restaurant was thinking about her. It's an image that will never leave my heart. It was a picture of pure joy. It was a beautiful picture of someone being in that moment fully alive. It was a little girl showing us what the divine dance of life is really all about because the divine dance is not done for the approval of the judges, and the divine dance is not done for the applause of the crowd. The divine dance comes out of a complete abandonment to the pure and sacred joy of just being fully alive and what the world needs is to see Christ followers who are fully alive, passionately living for God, passionately loving others and making a difference in this world. It seems though as we go through life and we get older, that we start letting those opportunities to step onto the divine dance floor slip away. So, I want us to look at the ultimate divine dancer Jesus Christ because in Christ's life we glean the four principles on how to live a life with no regrets.

So, I want you to open your Bibles to John Chapter 13 and would you stand in honor of God's Word? And if you're worshiping with us online or you're at one of our satellite campuses or you're here at the Fellowship Campus or you're watching on television, we want you to read this with us because we read God's Word together. We're one church.
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