by Kerry Shook

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The Fury of God's Goodness (1 of 3)
Series: Blindsided by an Unpredictable God
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Blindsided by betrayal
• Gen. 37:5; 18-19 (NIV)

• Blindsided by change
• Gen. 37:28 (NIV)

• Blindsided by temptation
• Gen. 39:7, 10 (NIV)

• Blindsided by impossibility
• Gen. 39:20 (NIV)

• Gen. 50:20 (NIV)



Since I'm starting a new series this weekend that I'm calling, "Blindsided" and since it's Super Bowl Sunday, as we were planning the message I thought it would be a good idea at first to show a 5-minute clip of NFL quarterbacks being blindsided by defensive ends or being completely blindsided by linebackers know, those horrible hits where they never saw it coming, and then I thought, I don't know if everyone would enjoy that as much as I would. In fact, some of you probably don't even like football and don't even care about the Super Bowl. How many of you, in fact, are going to watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials? Raise your hand. See! Yeah. I mean it's quite a few of you. I don't understand that, but there is quite a few of you. And so I thought, no...maybe it would better to start the message with something that those who don't like football would like as well, and I thought about American Idol, because everybody likes American Idol, but American Idol is getting kind of boring. It seems to be just the same old thing every year now. I'm getting kinda of bored of it. I like American Idol, but it just seems to be getting a little boring. And so then I thought, what if you combined American Idol with American football...then you'd have something. That would be must see TV right there! I mean just think about it. What would it be like if you could combine American Idol with American football. What would that be like? What would that be like? (Laughter)

VIDEO DIALOGUE: Well you seem like nice guy here. Caring for your sick mom and singing at church.

Yes. I'm a church boy.

What are you going to do here today?

Sing. I love to sing. (chuckling)

Go for it.

(singing) Don't stop. Believing. Come on to the feeling. Street lights and people. Oh...oh.....

Look. To be honest with you, the singing was awful. This is a bad audition.

Well you guys need me. I'm the total package. I'm kinda like the guy, you know, when you go into a grocery store and you are only going to get ten items, but you go through the checkout line and you have more than that and realize, Hey, I forgot the apple juice and you've gotta go back and get the apple juice. I'm like the apple juice.

What? That's didn't even make sense what you were just saying.

I feel you. No ....
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