Rocky Road: Handling the Detours and Dead Ends of Life (4 of 4) by Kerry Shook

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Rocky Road: Handling the Detours and Dead Ends of Life (4 of 4)
Series: Dreamsicle: Unthawing Your Frozen Dreams
Pastor Kerry Shook

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God's Dream Rises to the Top


Get the Scoop and Make the Decision


Go through Detours, Road Construction and Dead Ends on the road to Fulfillment of the Dream


• The avenue of anxiety

• Psalm 37:7,8 (LB)

• The causeway of complaining


The best ice cream that I've ever tasted was made in one of these. Growing up as a kid I had some neighbors that would always invite us over to have old fashioned, homemade, hand-churned ice cream and it tasted so good. But I remember that it always took so long to make. You had to heat up the milk, mix in the ingredients, put the canister into the bucket and put in the ice. You remember the rock salt don't you? Then churn and churn and churn for what seemed like forever to a little kid waiting for ice cream. Not only did it take forever, but it also was very difficult. My neighbor was a fireman and I'll never forget seeing the muscles in his forearm just pop out as it was even hard for him to churn after awhile. Then he would churn until he could barely turn it and then we knew it was done and it tasted so good. It was the best ice cream I've ever had. But folks, that's a parable of life. God gives you a sweet dream for your life and then you go for the dream, but then you have to wait and it seems like it will never be fulfilled. You wait and you wait and you wait and then you have all these problems and difficulties and pressures and stress. It's at this stage where many people start to fudge on their dream. They settle for second best. They take the easy road. They settle for the safe and the sensible thing. They fudge on their dreams. I have up here a couple of fudgesicles. Does anybody want a fudgesicle? Just to remind us not to fudge on our dreams because these fudgesicles aren't near as good as this homemade ice cream up here that's not really there because I didn't want to take the time or the trouble to make it, so here's a fudgesicle. Oh, sorry madam. You know what we are learning in this series. By the way today we are concluding the series that we've been in the last several weeks that I'm calling Dreamsicle as we are learning how to thaw out the frozen dreams in our lives. We are learning how not to fudge on the dreams that God has placed on our heart. I want to do a little review before we begin today because we have said there are three stages to every dream. If you don't understand the process that God takes every believer through in order to fulfill the dream that He's placed in your heart then you will get discouraged.
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