Awakening (3 of 3) by Kerry Shook

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Awakening (3 of 3)
Series: Glimpse - Experiencing Heaven on Earth
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Luke 16:19-31 (NIV)


• 1 Sam. 16:7 (NLT)

• Luke 16:19-21 (NLT)

• Luke 16:25 (NLT)


• Luke 16:20 (NLT)

• Matt. 6:33 (CEV)



In the blockbuster hit movie "Inception", Leonardo DiCaprio plays a skilled thief who is the best in the world at the dangerous art of extraction. That is, he and his team enter other people's dreams in order to extract information that they would never reveal if they were conscious. Now the problem for the extractors is, after years of going into the subconscious dream world, it becomes almost impossible to tell if you are awake in the real world or you are still sleeping in the dream world. And so the dream thieves carry with them at all times what they call a totem. Now Leonardo DeCiprio's character happens to carry a totem that is a little spinning top, and when he comes out of the dream he spins the top. If it starts to wobble and then fall over, he knows he is awake in the real world. If, however, he spins the top and it continues to spin incessantly, then he knows he is still asleep and dreaming. Don't try to figure it out. It makes no sense, okay. It's just a movie! Some of you are taking notes thinking....wait now in the dream world he's awake. No this isn't anything spiritual. It's not going to change your life. Don't take notes on it. It's just a movie, but it does keep you on the edge of your seat. Sometimes I think it might be a good thing if there was such a thing as a totem that could tell us when we are sleepwalking through life instead of being wide awake and fully alive, because sometimes we just sort of go through the motions, and we get so connected to this temporal world that we start to lose sight of what matters most, and we sort of need an awakening of the soul to see what is real and to see what is eternal. Allen Sax says death is more universal than life, because everybody dies, not everybody lives. Too many people are just stumbling through life, really in a slumber, not really fully awake and fully alive, living the great adventure they were born for. Now we are concluding a series we've been in the last several weeks that I'm been calling "Glimpse", because when you get a glimpse of eternity, even just a little glimpse of the eternal, it changes everything. And we've said that the things that look the most permanent are really the things that are the most temporal. It's the things you can't see, eternal values, the souls of men and women, that are eternal and last forever.
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