Self (3 of 3) by Kerry Shook

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Self (3 of 3)
Series: American Idols: The Substitutes that Steal Our Happiness
Pastor Kerry Shook

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• Matt. 20:28 (NIV)


• My tank gets filled unintentionally

• Luke 6:38 (NIV)

• My life is fueled with purpose

• Titus 3:14 (GN)

• Mark 8:35 (LB)




Wait just a minute. Tell me, what's wrong with this picture? Really there is nothing wrong with this picture. Everything's right with it, it's just not reality. I remember as a kid going to the gas station and all the gas stations were full service like this one. Oh, by the way, thanks guys. Do you remember that? You'd go the full service station, you had to make those choices between leaded, unleaded and ethyl. Then you might go over to the coke machine and pull out a bottle of coke like this. There was only one kind of coke. There wasn't coca cola classic, it was just coke. Now today we have much cleaner fuels and 20 different kinds of coke. There is coke classic, diet coke, caffeine free diet coke, vanilla coke, cherry coke, coke with lemon, diet vanilla cherry coke caffeine free with a twist of lime, I don't know, I can't keep up with them. We have so many more options today then we ever had before at any other time in every area except for one. Today it's hard to find full service. That's because we live in a self service world. There was an article in Time Magazine awhile back that was called "Why is Service So Bad in America? The article went on to say that service has really gone down the tubes in America. That's because we live in a serve yourself society. Everybody wants to be a leader, but nobody wants to serve. The greatest leaders are servant leaders. If you are a business owner, if you are a manager and you want your company to succeed in 2004, focus on customer service and your company will stand out, it will shine out like a beacon of light in a sea of selfishness. I am concluding the series we have been in the last several weeks that we are calling American Idols as we've been looking at the idols that we substitute for God that steal our happiness. We've said that an idol is anything that we substitute in place of God in our lives. It can even be a good thing, but if we put it first place ahead of God in our lives, it becomes an idol and it's destructive. America has voted and the number one American Idol is self. That's right. The idol we struggle with the most is ourselves. We have this tendency to put ourselves first place in our lives ahead of God. Now, don't get me wrong, it's okay to have a great self image. It's okay to like yourself.
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