Graduation to Happiness: A Graduation Sermon by Stan Coffey

Graduation to Happiness: A Graduation Sermon
Stan Coffey
Ecclesiastes 6:6

A. He Tried Learning
B. He Tried Lust
C. He Tried Liquor
D. He Tried Labor
E. He Tried Luxury

A. Get To Know God
B. Trust God When Life Is Disappointing
C. Expect God To Meet Your Needs
D. Follow God's Instructions
E. Cultivate A Forgiving Heart
F. Maintain A Clear Conscience
G. Build Healthy Relationships
H. Live With Eternal Perspective

Well it's graduation time and today we honor our graduates who have reached a significant milestone in their lives and who now are ready to take the next step in their lives. Many question fills their minds. One of the greatest is, ''will I find happiness?'' Will I find real fulfillment and success in life? Will I realize my greatest hopes and aspirations?

Solomon has much to say to us about this subject. He was a man had it all. He had popularity, power, prosperity, possessions and position. Yet he did not find happiness though it was in his grasp all the time.

The living Bible gives us this paraphrase, though man lives a thousand years twice over but doesn't find contentment, what's the use? In other words, it doesn't matter about the length of life; it is the quality of life that is important. Jesus came not just to add years to our life but also to add life to our years. And yet so many people around us are in a quest for happiness, but it seems it eludes them. It seems to be the elusive dream, that one can really be happy in life. Solomon said you may live to be two thousand years old, but if your life was not a life of happiness, what good did it do to live all that time?

Now Solomon was uniquely qualified in the quest for happiness. He tried five things we are going to look at this morning to find happiness. To try to find the answer to how can I be happy? And he of course, was king. He had lots of time, he had unlimited wealth in his quest for happiness, he had u ...

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