I'm Not Where I Need To Be (Overwhelmed With Life) (5 of 6) by Johnny Hunt

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I'm Not Where I Need To Be (Overwhelmed With Life) (5 of 6)
Series: Unspoken
Johnny Hunt
Psalm 143:1-12

INTRODUCTION: David is struggling; his immediate family (son-Absalom) had turned on him. His wish was not just hatred, but death. He had had his best friend turn on him also. He is in a crisis. He is persecuted, crushed, in death's darkness, overwhelmed, and distressed. His crisis is actually working for him and not against him. He is thirsty for God, His spirit fails, hounded by enemies; he needs deliverance. His soul is in trouble and afflicted.


1. In the context of all his trials, how should he pray? Where should his focus be?

2. Is anything too hard for the Lord?

3. What do you remember when you can't forget? .5


He wants God to act on his behalf.


Since he has a big God, he prays big prayers. He wants answers .7, deliverance .9, revival .11. He wants God to bring his soul out of trouble and destroy his enemies .11-.12.


- Bring me out of trouble into a life of productive service for "Your name sake."

- He perceives that deliverance will require the destruction of enemies (something in his life, the enemies of his victory)


David is fleeing from his son Absalom; it's the last of Penitential Psalms


Seen as the cry of the godly remnant of Israel at last to realize the impossibility of self- justification before God. This knowledge is reached through the experience of unparalleled sufferings. It boasts of the benefit of suffering.


It sometimes takes physical peril to produce penitence. In our prayers we cannot plead merit; we may plead our need; we may even plead our trust, but it is best to plead the attributes of God Himself. God is our refuge from God.

In this Psalm, you find one of the most relevant of our personal experiences. I'm sure I am not alone a ...

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