How Did I Get Here? (16 of 47) by Chris Brown

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How Did I Get Here? (16 of 47)
Series: The Genesis Project
Pastor Chris Brown
Genesis 19

Sin's slippery slope:
Genesis 19, Psalm 1, 1 Corinthians 15:33, 2 Peter 2:6-10

? A good heart with a bad compass will take you to the wrong place every time.

Right ladder…wrong wall:
Genesis 19, Matthew 16:24-27

? Signs that I may be living closer to Sodom than I think.

- Lack of prayer and relationship with God.

- Lack of spiritual influence on those around me.

- Lack of family unity and values.

- A track record of bad decision making.

Where do I go from here?
Genesis 19, 2 Peter 3:9-10, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Romans 12:1-2, 1 Peter 5:5-11

? There is nothing more urgent than dealing with our sin.

? Hate sin for what it does, not for how it feels.

? "Flee for your lives" doesn't mean take baby steps.

? Don't turn back.

? Perfection is not the answer…repentance is.

Chris gave us four signs that may indicate we're living closer to Sodom than we think. Are there any re-alignments you're thinking you need to make, or would like your group to pray for you about?

Do you have any other prayer requests you'd like to share with your group?

Growth Group Homework

QUICK REVIEW: Looking back at your notes from this week's teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or
confused you?

1. This week, we saw how the crisis Lot found himself in was caused by a series of bad decisions. The flip side is also true in that a series of good decisions can put is in good situations. Can you think of a series of small decisions that led you to join your Growth Group and/or make a commitment to follow Jesus?

2. Chris made it clear that there's ...

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