Faith and Doubt (2 of 9) by Chris Brown

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Faith and Doubt (2 of 9)
Series: Faith and Prayer
Pastor Chris Brown
Mark 9:14-29

FAITH: Our Cultural Definitions?

Faith and doubt are incompatible
Faith and fear are incompatible
Faith pleases God; doubt angers God
We all need more faith
All of the above are baloney

FAITH: Three Biblical Examples

The Father's Doubt:
Mark 9:14-29

The Mustard Seed:
Matthew 17:19-21

The Disciples' Fear:
Matthew 8:23-27

FAITH: How Faith Really Works

The opposite of faith is inactivity, not fear or doubt

When you doubt:

1. Don't deny it

2. Step out anyway

3. Get over it

It's not the amount of our faith; it's the object of our faith that matters most


Looking back at this week's teaching and study on Faith and Doubt, what is most important for you to remember and why?

This week's teaching closed with three things to consider when doubt occurs. Is there one you need prayer for to keep you moving forward?

Growth Group Homework

QUICK REVIEW - Looking back over your sermon notes, was there a particular point or passage of Scripture that challenged, confused or caught your attention?

1. When you look at the "cultural definitions" of faith from this week's teaching, which would be most likely to trip you up?

2. When, if ever, does doubt seem to occur in your life and faith? Is there anything specific you've ...

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