The Craziness of Commitment (8 of 9) by North Coast Church

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The Craziness of Commitment (8 of 9)
Series: Judges: Scripture's Believe It Or Not!
Pastor Jesse Bradley
Judges 13:1-14:2

Judges 13:1-14:2

1. The Crowd is often heading in the opposite direction.

2. Commitment is focused on His agenda not ours.

3. Commitment doesn't eliminate fears and inadequacies.

4. Commitment doesn't guarantee success (in the short run)
Numbers 6:1-21, Psalm 15:1-4, Matthew 5:33-37, Luke 9:51, Isaiah 50:7
Deuteronomy 30:11-20, Joshua 24:15, Matthew 26:36-46.

The Bottom Line:

- Commitment is a firm decision to follow God even when it's not convenient.

Growth Group Homework

Summer is just around the corner! Do you have any special plans, activities or prayer requests for the next few months?

This week we looked at the "Craziness of Commitment," was there a particular point, comment, or verse that caught your attention, challenged you or confused you?

God tells us He won't put us in a situation that will force us to be unfaithful to Him (I Corinthians 10:13). But even knowing this doesn't mean it will be easy. How might the following verses help us remain confident even when our commitment is being challenged?

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