See Jonah…See Jonah Run (1 of 4) by Chris Brown

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See Jonah…See Jonah Run (1 of 4)
Series: Beyond The Flannelgraph: Jonah
Pastor Chris Brown
Jonah 1:1-17

Jonah 1:1-17

Jonah 1:1-17, Psalms 139:7-12, Matthew 12:39-40, Luke 11:29-32, 2 Timothy 3:16

- God's Word is just as clear to us as it was to Jonah.

- A wide open door may not be from God.

- It's hard to call out to a God you're running from.

- Our disobedience can affect everyone in the boat.

- When obedience is a last resort, we tend to lose our cargo.

- Surrender comes before salvation.

Sometimes it's hard for us to understand how Jonah could run from God's clear instructions. God has been clear with us as well. We have full access to His Word and the promise that He would help us understand it (John 14:26). Can you think of a command that you are running from or an instruction that you need to run towards?

Growth Group Homework

QUICK REVIEW - Take a look back over your sermon notes and reflect on the story of Jonah. Was there a particular point or passage of Scripture that challenged, confused or caught your attention?

1. This week Chris gave us a front row seat to watch Jonah running from God and what God was asking him to do. What are some of the reasons people run from God and His plan today?

Can you think of a time when you ran from or resisted God?

2. Having compassion means we are sympathetic and willing to step in and help others in the midst of their pain or struggles. Jonah didn't have much compassion for the Ninevites and he probably had a list of reasons why. Can you identify any influences from your past or present that have either grown or diminished your compassion for others?

1. When you think of ...

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