Equipped to Minister (1 of 4) by Stan Coffey

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Equipped to Minister (1 of 4)
Series: People Need The Lord
Dr. Stan Coffey
Acts 1:1-11


Turn to Acts Chapter 1 and I want to begin a series of messages tonight that I want to call, "People Need the Lord"? I want to speak for the next several Sunday nights about our mission to reach people with the gospel of Christ, to bring them into our church, to disciple them, to help them grow in the Lord.

Because people need the Lord, everywhere you look on your job, people need the Lord, in your community, you see people who need the Lord, people who are going through divorce, people are going through the change of jobs in their life.

People who have experienced death, people are going through all kinds of heartache and tragedy and people who just are busy with this world and they are not thinking about the next world. People need the Lord.

As we begin preparing and praying for this fall, we want to lay it on your heart to be a part of reaching out to people everywhere you go and to be a faithful witness for the Lord and also to be a part of what we are going to be doing as a church together to reach people for Jesus Christ.

I mentioned this morning that one of our deacons said Saturday night the secret of our church is outreach and I believe that he was exactly right. It has been the secret, it is the secret, and that is what God has used.

A church that fails to reach out will soon pass out or go off the scene. And the Lord Jesus Christ has great things for his church. So this first message tonight and the general theme of people need the Lord I want to talk about equipped to minister.

I'm thankful that when God calls me to do something, He never calls me to do something that He does not equip me to do and enables me to do. Amen? Every command of God has with it a built in promise of God to meet my need that He will minister t ...

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