Maintaining the Spirit Filled Life (9 of 26) by Zach Terry

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Maintaining the Spirit Filled Life (9 of 26)
Series: Romans
Zach Terry
Romans 8:12-14

The greatest day in the life of a believer is when they are made aware of the Gospel. Prior to planting the Gospel see, the great cultivator of the soul begins to plow the heart with conviction of sin.
• We are made aware of our terrible falleness.
• Our offense to God is magnified.
• Some have a sense of something that is missing in their life.

We meet this horrible, depressing state with all that we can muster.
• Perhaps there is a type of moral reform - we clean up our language, we decide to stop frequenting certain places, we may even avoid certain friends. YET in our heart the void remains, the guilt continues and if anything it seems to get worse.
• WE turn then to some guru, some great sage that seems to have it all together, who can perhaps offer some word of direction, wisdom, insight. We adopt their system, we buy their book, watch their show. But to no avail, it seems that the sins of our past have left a stain that nothing can remove.

This pitiful state can last weeks, months for some even years.

Then when the time is right - GOD brings us on a collision course with GOOD NEWS. We are told that before we were born God recognized our immense need and he met that need. Through a GREAT EXCHANGE the Father sent the Son to be our sin bearer, to be our substitute, he paid our price in full. He victorious overcame death, hell and the grave. And He offers us grace by faith.


The second is like unto it. The 2nd greatest day in the believers life is when he recognizes that the Spirit filled life is a reality that he can appropriate at will.

You see the Gospel promises more than forgiveness, more than Heaven, it promises a very present reality. You are able to access and appropriate the presence and power of God on a daily basis through the situations and circumstances of your life - AT WILL.

IT IS ...

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