Passions (1 of 2) by Frank Damazio

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Passions (1 of 2)
Series: Passions and Values
Frank Damazio


…Becoming a Passionate Believer in a Passive World
…Becoming a Values-Driven Believer in a Valueless Society
…Every person to see the power of living with defined passions and values as the compass to a fuller and more productive life.
…Every person through systematic teaching, small group discussions, reading materials and cameo portraits of people who lived out their passions and values
The 6-Fold Purpose of This Class

1. To identify 21 life passions and 21 life values that every believer should discover and develop to build an unshakable life.

2. To clearly establish these passions and values as the foundation for living a blessed and fulfilled life.

3. To inspire the student to choose godly passions and stand up for godly values that guide a principle driven life.

4. To lift these life passions and values from the theoretical to the practical that carries the student beyond ethical reasoning into principled actions.

5. To equip the student to be able to resist ungodly culture that seeks to tempt believers away from personal core passions and values.

6. To illustrate for the student the needed balance in life. This involves seven areas:

Roles Our relationships and responsibilities that we have in life
Mission: Our discerned destiny and desired achievements
Values: Our governing values that lie at the very center of who we are
Passions: Our driving inner forces that move us toward different goals.
Character: Our true self as being developed into the person God desires
Decisions: Our ability to choose from the varieties of options we face.
Responses: Our attitude responses in the face of failure, of success and life's mysteries.

21 Life Passions

INTRODUCTION: Passion is the spirit within us that desires to fully stretch toward God and all He has for us. Passion is a stance of the soul whi ...

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