How Big Is Your God? (6 of 8) by Chris Brown

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How Big Is Your God? (6 of 8)
Series: Psalms - Greatest Hits of the OT
Pastor Chris Brown
Psalm 19

Psalm 19


A creation always reveals something about its creator.
Psalm 19:1-6, Psalm 8:1-4, Romans 1:18-21, Job 38, Isaiah 40:12-15, 21-22, 25-28

Traveling at the speed of light it would take:

.11 seconds to go around the earth.
1.3 seconds to go to the moon.
8.3 minutes to go to the sun.
13.7 days to go to Pluto.
4.3 years to go to Alpha Centauri.
100,000 years to cross our galaxy.


The God this big has a word that is:
Psalm 19:7-10

- Perfect
- Trustworthy
- Right

A loving Creator both warns and rewards His creation.
Psalm 19:11


The God this big is:
Psalm 19:12-14
only hindered by our sin worthy of our thoughts and actions.

Food for Thought
(Questions and Scriptures for further study)

1. This weekend we took a look at how God's creation reveals His glory. Take a minute and jot down your own definition of "glory."

Loui Giglio attempted to describe God's glory as "the sum ...

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