How to Become a God Influencer through Truth - Part 1 (4 of 16) by Ernest Easley

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How to Become a God Influencer through Truth - Part 1 (4 of 16)
Series: The God Issue
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Colossians 1:15-20

Now take your Bible .. the word of God .. and turn with me to Colossians chapter 1. We began a few weeks ago this series of messages from the book of Colossians under the heading: THE GOD ISSUE. If Colossians teaches us anything, it teaches us that the real issue we face today as individuals as well as a nation .. is the God issue! THE issue we face today as a nation is THE issue we face as individuals:


Some want to make same-sex marriage the issue. Others say that abortion or homosexuality is the issue that is destroying the moral fiber of our nation and will be our downfall. That America is destined for the judgment of God unless we stop: abortion, stop homosexuality, stop same-sex marriage and the other moral issues we face as a nation. You cannot stop a symptom without addressing the cause! If all we do is attack the symptom with no regard to the cause, we are like the man who built his house upon the sand. The whole thing will eventually tumble down.

When blind person bumps into me I shouldn't be surprised or offended. After all, they are blind! When a person doesn't know the God of the Bible, I shouldn't be surprised or offended when they make the moral choices that they make. People do what they do because they believe what they believe!

That's why, as a church, we want to fill this campus with people and praise week by week! We want others to experience what God is doing on this campus! We want others to experience the God of the Bible and to have a proper view of Him. That's why Each One must Reach One.

Let me say a word to you that are here today at the invitation of one our members: First, I am glad you are here today. Second, the person who invited you here did so because they genuinely care about you. Third, the person who invited you believes that God deserves a full house of ...

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