Thriving In Babylon (1 of 11) by Larry Osborne

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Thriving In Babylon (1 of 11)
Series: Fearless
Dr. Larry Osborne
Daniel 1

It's no easy thing to live a godly life in the midst of an increasingly godless society. But it can be done. Daniel shows us how. He not only survived, he thrived - and changed an entire empire while he was at it.

Daniel 1:1-21/ Revelation 18:1-24

How Bad Was It?

- Babylon: The personification of evil!

- Nebuchadnezzar: Raided God's temple and put the holy things on display in a demonic temple.

- Culture: Astrology and the occult were the government sponsored religion AND core curriculum in the schools.

Daniel's Dilemma:

- Kidnapped - Castrated and his name changed to honor Satan.
- Forced to study the occult and serve an evil king.


1. Optimism - He knew that. . .
Daniel 1:2/ Romans 13:1-2/ 1 Peter 4:17/ Romans 8:28, 35-39/ Matthew 16:18

- Even in Babylon, God is in control.
- Sometimes the short-term success of the wicked is God's will.
- Panic and despair are not from God.

2. Humility - He knew that. . .
Daniel 1:8-14/ Daniel 2:26-30/ Daniel 4:19/ Daniel 6:19-22/ 2 Timothy 2:24-26

- Everyone deserves respect - even God's enemies.

3. Wisdom - He knew that. . .
Daniel 1:4-8, 17-20/ Daniel 6:10/ Acts 4:18-20

- There's a big difference between what we don't like
and what God forbids.

Looking back at this week's teaching and study, what point or verse is most important for you to remember in order for you to continue to "thrive" in the midst of your own Babylon?

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