Grandpa In the Lions' Den (6 of 7) by Chris Brown

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Grandpa In the Lions’ Den (6 of 7)
Series: Babylon
Pastor Chris Brown
Daniel 6

The Conspiracy
Daniel 6:1-9

Breaking All The Rules
Daniel 6:10-17

Wrinkles Get Rewarded
Daniel 6:18-28

605 BC Babylonian Empire: Nebuchadnezzar
562 Evil Merodach rules
560 Nergalsharezer rules
556 Laborosoarchod rules
555 Nabonidus rules
539 Belshazzar rules for daddy
539 Medo-Persian Empire: Cyrus
7 Kings 2 Empires 4 Testimonies

Lessons From The Lions

- Being a light is not just doing our job but doing it well.

- Past faithfulness is preparation for future faithfulness.

- Our greatest challenges to faithfulness may be our possessions or positions.

1. How well are you doing at putting yourself in a place where God can use you?

What is one change you could make or something you’d like to continue doing that would put you in a better position for God to use?

2. Is there anything in your life you need to address in order to take a step closer to living a life characterized by integrity?

Growth Group Homework

QUICK REVIEW: Looking back over your sermon notes from Grandpa in the Lions’ Den, what was most challenging, helpful, or interesting to you?

1. We’ve seen in this series how Daniel was a man of integrity in spite of his circumstances. His life and words were consistent with what he believed. What challenges to living a life of integrity do we face in our society?

Have you seen or experienced any positive or negative consequences from living a life of integrity? If so, what were they?

2. Chris talked this weekend about developing a life ...

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