From Paradise To Prison (3 of 47) by Larry Osborne

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From Paradise To Prison (3 of 47)
Series: The Genesis Project
Dr. Larry Osborne
Genesis 3: 1-24

A Brief Look Back
Genesis 1-2

From Paradise to Prison
Genesis 3:1-24

- The Enemy And His Lies - Not Much Has Changed!
Genesis 3:1-5/ Revelation 12:9, 20:2/ John 8:44/ 1 Samuel 23:9-14

- His strategy is always the same:
Half-truth lies that question God's goodness

- Why did God allow it?
We don't know all the answers, but we do know . . .

1. God was not caught by surprise

2. Free beings must have real freedom of choice

3. Knowing what will happen is not causing it to happen

- A Really Stupid Decision
Genesis 3:6-7/ 2 Corinthians 11:3/ 1 Timothy 2:14/ Romans 5:12-19

- Eve was deceived - Adam knew what he was doing.

- Some Really Terrible Consequences
Genesis 3:8-24/ Romans 5:12/ Romans 3:23 and Isaiah 59:2/ Genesis 3:12, 16, 4:1-26
Genesis 3:17-18 and Romans 8:20-23

1. Sin and all its consequences were passed on to all of us

2. We gained an experiential knowledge of sin

3. Our relationship with God has been wrecked

4. Our relationship with each other has been wrecked

5. Our relationship with creation has been wrecked

- The First Steps Toward A Surprise Ending
Genesis 3:15 and 3:21-24

1. A promise

2. A substitute

3. An eviction

As you consider any areas you may be struggling with temptation, can you think of any safeguards or strategies you need to implement to help you av ...

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