Is Your Faith Superficial or Supernatural? (5 of 16) by Stan Coffey

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Is Your Faith Superficial or Supernatural? (5 of 16)
Series: Christianity and Shoe Leather
Dr. Stan Coffey
James 1:26-27


We are living in a time when to be religious is the popular thing. A recent survey revealed that ninety percent of all Americans believe in some kind of a god. It's not popular to be atheistic; it's not popular to be agnostic. Everybody today, almost, believes in some kind of a god.

We need to remember that not everything religious is Christianity, not everything religious is a god. More people are going to be in hell because of religion than for any other reason. Let me say it again, more people are going to be in hell because of religion than for any other reason.

In America, we don't need more religion today. We need to turn from religion and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. We don't need more religion. Everybody has some kind of faith, some kind of religion but real religion is not religion at all.

Real religion is that personal day by day walk with Jesus Christ. Christianity is not really a religion; it is a relationship to a person, the Lord Jesus. When you get married you don't get the marriage religion; you get a husband or you get a wife and when you get saved you don't get the Christian religion you get a savior, the Lord Jesus, who comes to live in your life in a very, very personal way.

But so many people are confused today about what really is the truth from God. There are so many religions and so many people speaking and people are hearing so many different voices.

They are like the man who went to the revival meeting and God spoke to his heart. He came to the alter, he wanted to be saved, and he knelt there on the alter and was praying and somebody knelt beside him and the person who knelt beside him said, "Hold on brother! Hold on!"

And somebody else got on the other side and said to him, "Turn loose brother! Turn loose!" A ...

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