Overcoming Anger (5 of 12) by Stan Coffey

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Overcoming Anger (5 of 12)
Series: The Overcoming Life
Dr. Stan Coffey
Proverbs 19:11-12


This morning I want to continue our thought about the Overcoming Life and I want you to turn to Proverbs 19; we are going to look at several passages in the book of Proverbs and then we will be going after a while to Ephesians 4.

The Overcoming Life; I believe the church is going to take this city for Christ; the church is going to be filled with the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit. The church that is going to be the body of Christ is going to be the church that learns to live the Overcoming Life.

That learns to mount up with wings as eagles and live in the victory that Jesus has for us. Amen? That's what I want for my life, that's what I want for you as my people, my church family to live an overcoming life.

And today I want to talk about overcoming anger. Now if you never get angry then you don't need to listen to this but you know I believe that the improper handling of anger is one of the greatest tools the devil has against the children of God.

You'd just be surprised how the devil uses many times the anger of God's people to defeat us and to keep us from being overcomers in the Christian life.

Look at what the wise man said under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in Verse 11, "THE DISCRETION OF A MAN DEFERRETH HIS ANGER(that is a wise man, a man with discretion doesn't fly off the handle. He doesn't get angry real quickly.) AND IT IS HIS GLORY TO PASS OVER A TRANSGRESSION. THE KING'S WRATH IS AS THE ROARING OF A LION; BUT HIS FAVOUR IS AS DEW UPON THE GRASS.

Now I don't know of anything that does more damage to us physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually than does the wrong kind of anger. Now not all anger is wrong. You know Jesus was angry and never sinned.

There are times in the Bible when the Bible says Jesus ...

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