A Realistic Approach To Mission by Stuart Briscoe

A Realistic Approach To Mission
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 10:1-24

Toward the end of His life Jesus stepped up the pace of His ministry by commis¬sioning His twelve disciples, who symbolized the tribes of Israel (Luke 9:1), then by sending "seventy two others" (Luke 10:1) symbolizing the nations (Genesis 10). They were to prepare for His arrival. He is still sending people to the nations to pre¬pare for His coming.

I. A Realistic Appreciation of Salvation.

A. Salvation portrayed.
1. Jesus coming to your town. v. 1

2. Peace resting on your house. v. 5

3. Health coming to your body. v. 9a

4. Kingdom appearing in your lifetime. v. 9b

5. Judgment averted in your future. vv. 12 15

6. Satan defeated in your world. v. 18

7. Enemies trampled under your feet. v. 19

8. Heaven recording your name. v. 20

9. God revealed in your heart. vv. 21 24

B. Salvation proclaimed.
1. Proclaimed by those whom the Son has "appointed" and "sent." v. 1

2. Proclaimed by those to whom the Son has revealed ...

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