Do I Love God: A Self-Examination by Johnny Hunt

Do I Love God: A Self-Examination
Johnny Hunt
1 Corinthians 12:31

INTRODUCTION: We are commanded to love God, to love one another, and to love our enemies. The key to our love is to realize that the first object of our love is God Himself. Galatians teaches that love is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, therefore, we cannot produce it but it can be indeed displayed in our life.


If the Lord is our God, we must fearfully exercise our love with a full heart firmly focused on Him. This speaks of devotion and worship. It begins with fixing our hearts at the beginning of each day, remembering His beauty and delighting therein. Then we must strive to keep our hearts fixed all through the day guarding against any and all worldly distractions.

‘‘The more we see His love, the more we grow in the exquisite joy of intimacy.’’
Clyde Campbell

Augustine wrote, ‘‘What do I love when I love Thee?...I love a certain light, and a certain voice, a certain fragrance, a certain food, a certain embrace when I love my God.’’ There is something so comfortable about loving God.

Tim DeTellis quote, ‘‘Guard your joy! Protect your heart. Most powerful force in your leadership is unity. You and God can do anything. God made you for this!’’

God commands love by His very nature. Those who know Him cannot help but love Him. He is so perfectly, infinitely lovely. We may grieve the Holy Spirit by saying yes to sin but this does not diminish His love. You can only grieve someone who truly loves you. We may quench the Spirit by saying no to His prompting but this does not cause Him to withdraw and stand aloof. He simply waits for the time to woo again, working in us all the while to change and soften our hearts.


This means with all our life, with all the energy of the inner man, and with every outward manifestation. We do this primarily through the consecration of our bodies and of the lives we live in those bodies. Therefore, activ ...

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