Series: Taking God Seriously (6 of 6) by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 11 and 12 of a 12 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 11: The God Who Makes Things Happen
Series: Taking God Seriously
Stuart Briscoe

Of all the minor prophets, Zechariah is the longest, the hardest, the most obscure and the broadest in outlook. He was also, along with Haggai, one of the most effective. Ezra 6:14

I. A Brief History—As a Reminder. 1:1-6

A. The dispirited and lax attitude of the people.

B. The desolate and dangerous situation in which they lived.

C. The reasons for this condition viewed historically.

D. The importance of learning from history. See also 7:1-14

II. A Series of Visions—As a Lesson. 1:7-6:8

A. The four horsemen. 1:7-17
1. A report. vv. 10-11

2. A question. v. 12

3. A promise. vv. 13-17

B. The four horns and blacksmiths. 1:18-20
1. Judah’s enemies.


Part 12: The God Who Does Not Change
Series: Taking God Seriously
Stuart Briscoe

After the temple was rebuilt, the spiritual life of Jerusalem began to deteriorate. Malachi (my messenger) speaks forcefully to the people and finds them somewhat bored and belligerent.

I. God's Love Is Unchanged. 1:1-5

A. God reiterates His love.

B. Israel repudiates God's love.

C. God's sovereign choice of Jacob.

D. God's evident rejection of Edom.

E. God's expectation that His love be reciprocated.

II. God's Glory Is Unchanged. 1:6-2:9

A. God is a great King among the nations. v. 14

B. He is worthy of honor. v. 6

C. Worship as reality is the key. vv. 7-8

D. The incidence of hypocrisy in cheating. vv. 9-14

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