Series: What To Do While Your Life Is Happening (1 of 5) by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 10 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: Try Being Grateful
Series: What To Do While Your Life Is Happening
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 7:36-50

Life happens at the rate of 365 days per annum for everybody. What we do while it is happening is very important. Jesus had a lot to say about this in His short stories-the parables.

I. Setting the Scene.

A. An Invitation. v. 36
1. Simon the Pharisee¬-"the separated one." See Mark 7:1 23

2. Confrontation? Concern? Conciliation?

B. An Intrusion. vv. 37-38
1. A woman of unsavory reputation.

2. A display of unrestrained affection.

II. Examining the Event.

A. In Intuition. v. 39
1. Simon's hidden thoughts¬-"he said to himself."

2. Jesus' intuitive understanding-"Jesus answered him!"


Part 2: Do Some Serious Listening
Series: What To Do While Your Life Is Happening
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 8:4-15

I. The Setting. v. 4

Celebrities attract crowds. Jesus, while neither desiring it or seeking it, had become a celebrity and the crowds pursued Him wherever He went. But not all of His enthusiastic listeners were effectively responding to what He said. So He told a short story to show how important it is that people take seriously what He had to say.

II. The Story. vv. 5 8a

A. The sower-His intentions.

B. The seed-its qualities.

C. The soil-its potential.
1. "Along the path"-trampled and eaten. v. 5

2. "Some fell on rock"-withered, no moisture. v. 6

3. "Fell among thorns"-choked the plants. v. 7

4. "Good soil"-yielded a crop. v. 8a
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