The Word Became Flesh by Stuart Briscoe

The Word Became Flesh
Stuart Briscoe
John 1:1-14

In a society that prefers "sound-bites" and "slogans" to "substance," the truth is often a victim. This is particularly true at Christmas when the majestic truth that "the Word became flesh" is often obscured by superficial slogans and sound-bites.

I. The Recognition of the Word. vv. 1-5

A. "The Word"-a title, "logos."
1. Hebrew-"the Word of the Lord"; "Wisdom."

2. Greek-reason behind expression.

3. John uses a familiar term to convey unfamiliar truth.

B. "In the beginning."
1. In the beginning God created. Genesis 1:1-At the beginning.

2. In the beginning was the Word. John 1:1-Before the beginning.

C. "The Word was with God."
1. Gk. "pros"-"towards," "at home." Luke 15:18

2. Eternal proximity, intimacy.

D. "The Word was God."
1. The Word not less than God.

2. God is more than the ...

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