Series: Philippians (3 of 6) by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 12 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: Paul with the Lid Off
Series: Philippians
Stuart Briscoe
Philippians 3

I. Paul Takes a Backward Look.

A. I was apprehended. v. 12 - lit. caught, arrested.
1. Christ stopped him.

2. Christ saved him.

3. Christ started him.

B. I forget the past. v. 13
1. He didn't brook over forgiven sins.

2. He didn't dwell on old problems.

3. He didn't live on former victories.

II. Paul Takes an Upward Look. v. 14

A. He thinks of a goal. See 1 John 3:2


Part 6: The Importance of Attitudes
Series: Philippians
Stuart Briscoe
Philippians 3:15-21

I. A Mature Attitude. v. 15a

Note: Perfect, lit. mature. c.f. v. 12

A. Mature aspiration.

B. Mature application.

C. Mature anticipation.

II. An Open Attitude. v. 15b

A. Open to instruction.

B. Open to revelation.

C. Open to correction.

III. A Practical Attitude. v. 16

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