The Crucified Life (4 of 16) by Stan Coffey

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The Crucified Life (4 of 16)
Series: Being Set Free: Galatians
Dr. Stan Coffey
Galatians 2:20


Let's turn to Galatians Chapter 2 as we continue in the series of messages from the book of Galatians. How to have freedom in Christ is what Paul is writing about.

Now tonight I'm just going to use one verse. I was going to begin in Verse 11 but I believe tonight that you are well grounded in the fact that we are saved by grace that it is not by works.

I pray that you will understand that Paul is writing and gives an example in this passage about Simon Peter and how Simon Peter because of the pressure of Judaism tried so hard to live on both sides of the fence but you can't live on both sides of the fence when it is grace and law.

Salvation is either all of grace or it is all of law and the Bible says it is all of grace and the law was simply meant to bring us to Christ and these first verses, verse 11 down to verse 19, Paul tells how when Peter was in Antioch.

Before the Jewish leaders came from Jerusalem to investigate the church at Antioch Peter would sit down at that Gentile table and he say, "Boys what are we having for supper?" And they'd say, "Ham." He'd say, "Mmmmm, mmmmm good. Ham, praise God. I'm glad Jesus came so now I can eat ham because God told me on the housetop don't call any meat common or unclean."

Man, he enjoyed that ham. He'd say, "What are we having for breakfast." They said, "Sausage." He said, "I can hardly wait for breakfast." He said, "I'm looking forward to that."

Evidently, they had a Jewish table and a Gentile table but you see while just normal Jews were there, just Christians, Peter would sit at the Gentile table because he knew that we are saved by grace and that the old laws regarding food were nailed to the cross with Christ and he wasn't bound by that any more.

But along came al ...

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