A Chief Aim In Life by Rex Yancey

A Chief Aim In Life
Rex Yancey
Philippians 1:12-30

Napoleon Hill wrote a book entitled The Law of Success. It was published in 1928. He interviewed over 100 millionaires across twenty years. He lists things like: self control, a pleasing personality, self confidence, saving, initiative, imagination, enthusiasm, accurate thinking, concentration, cooperation, learning from mistakes, tolerance, golden rule and the universal law of cosmic habit force, and a definite chief aim.
We are not discussing millionaires tonight. However, under his definite chief aim he said, "The main cause of failure is having no definitive chief aim in life, or failure to set clear and attainable goals, and plans to accomplish these goals. Never drift aimlessly by having a definitive objective toward which to strive.
I believe that chief aim is taught in scripture. The Lord Jesus taught that every person needs a singular commitment that is worth his total devotion.
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these other things shall be added unto you."
He knew we would need food, fashion, finances and fitness. However, the chief aim of the Christian is to allow the chief aim of his life to be Jesus.
It sounds easy enough to have a chief aim. However, it is hard to get and keep our focus in a world full of distractions. Things are thrown at us from left and right to vie for our attention. It is enough to divide anyone's mind.
-Paul had a chief aim before he became a Christian. He wanted to be the best Jew he could be. Philippians 3:4 and following is a copy of his resume. IT WAS IMPRESSIVE TO SAY THE LEAST. But after his encounter with the risen Christ on the Damascus Road, his chief aim shifted to being the best Christian he could be.
-Paul is writing this letter from Caesar's jail. Here a prisoner is writing to encourage free people.
-What will a chief aim do for us?
Paul realized that the Christians in Rome were b ...

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