Series: Key Words Of The Early Church (1 of 5) by Stuart Briscoe

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Part 1: Lordship (1 of 10)
Series: Key Words Of The Early Church
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 2:15-36

I. Christ Is Lord of the Ages. v. 20

A. Last Days. v. 17

B. Day of the Lord. v. 20
Lord of the Ages was working to Schedule.

II. Christ Is Lord of the Lost. v. 21

A. Whosoever.

B. Call.

C. Saved.
Lord of the Lost can Save to the Utter¬.

III. Christ Is Lord of the Earth. v. 21

A. Miracles-lit. powers, dynamics.

B. Wonders that which cause amazement/¬imagination.


Part 2: Relationship
Series: Key Words Of The Early Church
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 2:37-41

Last time we noted that the key word of the apostolic preaching was "Lordship." Today we will see how the early church was made up of people who recognized Christ as Lord and as a result enjoyed a special relationship with Him.
The steps to this relationship were:

I. The Convincing of Their Minds. v. 37a

A. They heard the message.

B. They received its content.

C. They believed Jesus is Lord and Christ. 36

II. The Convicting of Their Consciences. v. 37b

A. The truth touched a sensitive nerve.

B. They saw the wonder of Christ.

C. They recognized the immensity of their rejection.

III. The Concern of Their Questions. v. 37c

A. Knowledge leads to conviction.

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