Series: Key Words Of The Early Church (2 of 5) by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 10 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: Membership
Series: Key Words Of The Early Church
Stuart Briscoe

The Early Church was made up of people who acknowledged the Lordship of Christ and enjoyed a personal relationship with Him. This introduced them to membership of His Body the Church.

I. The Explanation of Their Membership.

A. They were "added to them." See Romans 12:5

B. They were "added to the Lord." Acts 5:14; See 1 Corinthians 6:15

II. The Experience of their Membership.

A. Believed. v. 41

B. Baptized. v. 41

C. Blessed. v. 47

III. The Exclusiveness of their Membership.

A. Souls not statistics. v. 41


Part 4: Discipleship
Series: Key Words Of The Early Church
Stuart Briscoe

A disciple is a "learner or a follower." Learners need teaching, and the Early Church trained those who acknowledged Christ as Lord to continue steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine (teaching).

This demanded:

I. Persistent Continuation in the Teaching.

Note: Greek word translated "continued steadfastly" means lit. "go on
enduring" or "go on being strong."

A. They continued in prayer. Acts 1:14

B. They continued in teaching. Acts 2:42

C. They continued in the temple. Acts 2:46
Contrast: Galatians 5:7; John 6:66; 2 Timothy 4:10

II. Prayerful Concentration on the Teaching.

A. Because of its authority.

B. Because of its solemnity.
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