Series: Key Words Of The Early Church (5 of 5) by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 9 and 10 of a 10 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 9: Citizenship
Series: Key Words Of The Early Church
Stuart Briscoe

Christians are citizens of Heaven and temporary residents on earth. Sometimes, as a result, they become so heavenly minded they are of no earthly use. Not the Early Church. They got down to the business of down-to-earth, daily living.

I. Everyday Holiness-Daily in the Temple. v. 46

A. The desire for daily devotion.

B. The discipline of daily devotion (in the temple).

C. The delights of daily devotion.
E.g. continuity, unity. v. 46

II. Everyday Healthiness.

A. Healthy homes. v. 46

B. Healthy hospitality. v. 46

C. Healthy respect. v. 43; 5:13

D. Healthy impression. v. 47


Part 10: Leadership
Series: Key Words Of The Early Church
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 1:5; 2:43

When Christ ascended into Heaven, He left eleven men trained and commissioned to evangelize the world. The Worldwide Church of the Twentieth Century is a living testi-mony of their effectiveness and faithfulness. The secrets of their leadership need to be understood and applied today.

I. It Was a Dedicated Leadership.

A. They were carefully chosen. Acts 1:2

B. They were solemnly charged. Acts 1:2

C. They were thoroughly convinced. Acts 1:3

II. It Was a Dynamic Leadership.

A. Great power was within them. Acts 4:33

B. Great grace was upon them. Acts 4:33

C. Great wonders worked through them. Acts 2:43

III. It Was a Diversified Leadership.

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