Taking Missions Seriously by Stuart Briscoe

Taking Missions Seriously
Stuart Briscoe
Matthew 6:9-13

Attitudes to missions vary widely in the church, so there can be little doubt that a serious study of Biblical teaching on the subject is not only appropriate but necessary.

I. Why Should Missions Be Taken Seriously?

A. Because the Church should obey Christ's command. Matthew 28:14
1. Obedience-a characteristic of discipleship.

2. Obedience-an evidence of spirituality. Matthew 8:21 23

3. Obedience-a mark of consistency. Matthew 8:24 27

4. Obedience-a matter of lifestyle. Matthew 1:20 24; 2:13-14, 19 21

B. Because the church should share Christ's concerns. Matthew 6:9
1. Concern-that God's name be honored.
a. The Father in heaven.

b. The Father of our Lord Jesus.

c. The Father who graciously provides. Matthew 7:9-10

d. The Father who righteously judges. Matthew 10:32-33

2. Concern-that ...

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