Storm Tossed Christians by Robert Walker

Storm Tossed Christians
Robert Walker
Matthew 14:22

In our text, we see it had already been a grueling day. The disciples had been ministering all day and were exhausted. They had just witnessed a miracle where Jesus fed 5,000 people with only 5 loafs of bread and 2 fish, and no doubt it was a day of highs and now as the day came to a close, Jesus sends the disciples away to the other side of the shore as He goes to pray.
The wind was blowing hard against their boat. Their lives weren't in danger, but they had been blown off course and were probably frustrated, tired, and irritable.
Didn't Jesus know that a storm was coming? Couldn't Jesus have saved them from having to face this storm at all? Why did Jesus even send them. The Lord Jesus wanted to teach them a lesson. He wants to teach us a lesson and I prayed to God that we learn that lesson.
He just took them right on into the storm and then He came along and gave them a lesson.
Maybe you feel like you are in one of these storms of life right now. Maybe in your life you are struggling just to keep the bills paid and gas in the car. And now you have bills rolling in. One kid needs braces. The other needs money for summer camp. And another needs to go to the doctor.
This is on top of the mortgage and utilities and your prescriptions and food.
God could have kept Joseph out of Jail. God could have kept Daniel out of the lion's den. God could have kept Jeremiah from being tossed in a slimy pit. God could have kept the Shadrack, Meshak, and Abindigo from the fiery furnance, but he didn't.
He didn't keep these disciples out of the storm either.
1. Distance from the Shore- v 24
They were in the midst of the sea. They were five mile from either shore. If they went back it was just as far back as it was to go on to the shore.
They were right in the middle of it. There was no turning back. Often we find ourselves right in the middle of a storm. Right in the middle of a problem. Sometimes we find ourselves in a storm because of what other do. Then there are times it is our doing.
Not only do I want you to notice the distance from the shore but secondly--
2. Direction of the Wind
The Bible tells us the wind was contrary in other words it was blowing from the very direction in which they wanted to go. These were experience boatman but now their muscles are aching, their backs are bend over from the oars. Prespiration is coming down their brow.
It picture life for every stroke they would take forward they would go two strokes backwards. Haven't we felt that way are time that we are getting nowhere fast and we are having a hard time doing it.
Does that describe your journey in life? It seems like the winds of life are blowing right from the direction that you want to go.
3. Darkness of the Night.
It was the fourth watch about 3a.m in the morning. They couldn't see either shore line. And the waves are furiously beating against the sides of t ...

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