Eagle Christians by Robert Walker

Eagle Christians
Robert Walker
Isaiah 40:31

Anybody that tells you the Bible is a dull book evidently is a person that has never read it. Friend it has got more colours than the rainbow and more treasures than the vaults of the Vatican.
The message of the Word of God is simple enough to capture the imagination of a little child and yet it is profound enough to challenge the mind of a mature Christian.
Our scripture tonight is a blessing from the birds and gives us faith from the fowls of the air. I want us to look at the eagle for our lesson tonight. I understand that the highest award in the boy scouts is to become an eagle scout. Only a few make it. One day when the final rewards are given out some of us are going to step up and receive heaven's highest distinction and we will become eagle Christians and obtain an over comer's crown and a special place in the kingdom of God.
Where has the time gone let's try to learn as much as we can in the time we have left about the eagle.
Now the Bible tells us to begin with how an eagle gets off the ground. Now that sounds like an important thing to learn.
Turn to Duet. 32:11-- As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttered over her young-- spread its broad her wings took them bearing them on her wings and that is exactly what Moses says the Lord did to Israel.
Now what you need to write out from that verse in your Bible-- this is the flight training Manue for student eagles and immature Christians. How does an immature Christian become a mature christian? The answer reads like this exactly the same way that tiny squawking eagle becomes a fully mature eagle and takes it place where God designed it to be in the sky.
Now come with me in imagination and let see if I can picture it for you, There is a remote cliff high in a mountain range somewhere up among the rocks almost in the clouds is a strong built nest.
It is build with branches and twigs and lined with fur that the mother eagle has gotten from the prey that she has killed to feed her family.
And sitting inside this comfortable nest is two baby eaglets and it is time to be fed so they open their mouths and call and mother comes and drops either fresh meat or a nice juicy worm into their mouth.
Now I know that doesn't do much for you but if you are an eaglet you would love it. Now she drops it into their open mouths and they gobble it up then they curl their head up beside their wing and decide to go to sleep while mother settle down on the nest to protect them from the rain and the wind and the storm and the adverse elements. And just before they go to sleep one brother says to another brother this is some setup. Mother sure knew that she was doing when she dreams this arrangement up. I wouldn't have it any other way. But one day they watch and instead of coming to feed them mother began to fly away in majestic figure eights and she looks so beautiful.
And one looks at the other one and says what do you think she is trying to tell ...

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