History In The Making by Stuart Briscoe

History In The Making
Stuart Briscoe
Titus 2:11-15

Christianity, despite what many people think, is not a system of abstract, ambiguous beliefs. Christianity is a relationship with God who in the person of His Son actually entered our world, lived, died and rose again there and invites us to continue to live there in the good of that relationship.

I. A Matter of History.

A. A historical problem.
1. People active in ungodliness. v. 12

2. People addicted to passions. v. 12

3. People anchored in the present age. v. 12

4. People attracted to wickedness. v. 14

B. A historic project.
1. The "epiphany" of grace. v. 11
a. That "brings salvation."

b. That "has appeared."

c. That applies to "all men."

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