History's First Hitler (3 of 8) by Steve Wagers

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History's First Hitler (3 of 8)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: Esther
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Esther 3

A) His Revealing Ancestry
B) His Repulsive Arrogance
2. The PLAN of a DELUDED Man!
A) Meticulous in its Detail
1) The People He Seeks
2) The Price He Sets
3) The Permission He Secures
B) Morbid in its Desire
A) The Party that Celebrated the Occasion
B) The Perplexity that Clouded the Occasion

The Holocaust was the genocide of approximately 6 million European Jews during World War II. It was a program of systematic state-sponsored murder by Nazi Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, throughout Nazi-occupied territory. Hitler called his diabolical act "The final solution to the Jewish question."

Of the 9 million Jews who had resided in Europe before the Holocaust, approximately two-thirds perished. In particular, over one million Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust, as were approximately two million Jewish women and three million Jewish men. They were at their most efficient from April to November 1942 250 days in which they murdered some two and a half million Jews

The persecution and genocide were carried out in stages. Various legislation to remove the Jews from civil society, predominantly the Nuremberg Laws, was enacted in Nazi Germany years before the outbreak of World War II. Concentration camps were established in which inmates were used as slave labor until they died of exhaustion or disease.

Where the Third Reich conquered new territory in Eastern Europe, specialized units called Einsatzgruppen murdered Jews and political opponents in mass shootings. The Third Reich required Jews and Romani to be confined in overcrowded ghettos before being transported by freight train to extermination camps where, if they survived the journey, the majority of them were systematically killed in gas chambers. (1)

The term "Anti-Semitism," was first coined i ...

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