Series: Practical Goals For Spiritual People (1 of 5) by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 10 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: Things Which Make for Peace
Series: Practical Goals For Spiritual People
Stuart Briscoe
Romans 14:19; 2 Timothy 2:22; 1 Peter 3:11; Hebrews 12:14

There is a link between effective living and efficient living. Part of the efficiency comes from clear-cut goals. Scripture lists a number of them, and today we consider peace as a goal.

I. Establishing Peace as a Goal.

A. Peace with God. Romans 5:1
1. Peace-the opposite of conflict. Acts 7:26; 9:31

2. Peace-the opposite of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33

Note: the exclusion of disinterest, disobedience, disregard, distrust.

B. Peace of God.
1. The peace of God as Sentry. Philippians 4:6-7

2. The peace of God as Umpire. Colossians 3:15

C. Peace with mankind.
1. Peace-the divine ideal. 1 Corinthians 7:15; 14:33; Ephesians 2:14-15


Part 2: Being Constructive
Series: Practical Goals For Spiritual People
Stuart Briscoe

Solomon decided to build a temple (2 Chronicles 3:1-2). Jesus Christ committed Himself to building His church (Matthew 16:18). Paul used the same word ("oikodome") when he encouraged believers to establish "things wherewith one may edify…" as a goal.

I. Edification as a Necessity.

A. To further the constructive purposes of God.
1. The manifestation of His own glory.

2. The completion of His Kingdom.

3. The maturation of the individual.

B. To counter the destructive purposes of Satan.
1. Stealing.

2. Killing.

3. Destroying. John 10:10

II. Edification as an Actuality.

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