Identifying an Unforgiving Spirit (4 of 5) by Frank Damazio

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Identifying an Unforgiving Spirit (4 of 5)
Series: The Blessed Life of Forgiveness
Pastor Frank Damazio

INTRODUCTION: In our first three sessions we have established the fact that we are forgiven by God, what forgiveness really means to each one of us personally and how we are to become a forgiver. In today's session, we will identify some of the events in life that can cause a person to be hurt, our possibly become an unforgiving person. The quicker we can identify the marks of an unforgiving spirit, the quicker we can be delivered from such.


A. Circumstances That Hurt

1. Disappointments: the inevitable outcome of not getting something you want or were looking forward to or expecting. Some disappointments are minor and others are major.
a. Disappointed in not getting the job promotion you felt you deserved. You were passed over by the younger, the older, the person of a different race.
b. Disappointed in your marriage, your husband, you as a wife. It's not the dream you had.

2. Rejection: rejection hurts deeply. It severs a tie that is meaningful to us and that hurts. Rejection creates the loss of love and friendship. Rejection reads hurt as "we are not good enough." Our paper is rejected, we are cut from the team, dropped by a boyfriend or your spouse left you for someone else. These are all rooted in rejection.

3. Abandonment: A devastating, painful experience. Fear of abandonment is a powerful force in many people's life. It could be a friend that leaves you for another group of friends.

4. Offenses: Minor and major offenses may happen in small doses. A person's word or actions toward you that should be easily forgiven, but when they aren't forgiven and they keep adding up, the minor offenses becomes a major offense.

B. People That Have Hurt or Offended You
1. Friends
2. Parents
3. Children
4. Stepchildren
5. Brothers or sisters
6. Grandparents
7. ...

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