Emotions (5 of 6) by Frank Damazio

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Emotions (5 of 6)
Series: Grow - Becoming the Spiritually Mature Person God Wants You to Be
Pastor Frank Damazio


"Author Dorothy Finkelhor defines emotions this way: 'Emotions are the motivating forces of our lives, driving us to go ahead, pushing us backward, stopping us completely, determining what we do, how we feel, what we want, and whether we get what we want. Our hates, loves, fears, and what to do about them are determined by our emotional structure. There is nothing in our lives that does not have the emotional factor as its mainspring. It gives us power, or makes us weak, operates for our benefit or to our detriment, for our happiness or confusion.'"
"In That Hideous Strength, we are introduced to Jane, who is met by the personal Presence (God), and in that meeting everything changes for her. She is changed in a moment of time, Lewis writes, 'too short to be called time at all.' In this unexpected encounter, Jane begins to perceive and understand her new, God-designed identity. 'In this height and depth and breadth the little idea of herself which she had hitherto called me dropped down and vanished…. The name me was the name of a being whose existence she had never suspected, a being that did not yet fully exist but which was being demanded. It was a person (not the person she had thought), yet also a thing, a thing made, made to please Another and in Him to please all others, a thing being made at this very moment, without its choice, in a shape it never dreamed of.'"

When asked to write down the emotions that they felt in the workplace, men wrote down 11 emotions and it took them 4 minutes to explain them. Women wrote down 85 and it took them 6 hours to explain them.

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