Praising Him With Every Fiber Of My Being by Johnny Hunt

Praising Him With Every Fiber Of My Being
Johnny Hunt
Psalm 103:1-5

INTRODUCTION: Isaac Watts: "Bless the Lord, O My Soul"

"O bless the Lord, my soul;
Let all within me join,
And aid my tongue to bless His Name,
Whose favours are divine?

O bless the Lord, my soul;
Nor let His mercies lie
Forgotten in unthankfulness,
And without praises die.

'Tis He forgives thy sins,
' Tis He relieves thy pain,
'Tis He that heals thy sickness,
And makes thee young again.

He crowns thy life with love,
When ransomed from the grave;
He that redeemed my soul from hell
Hath sovereign power to save.

He fills the poor with good;
He gives the suff'rers rest;
The Lord hath judgments for the proud,
And justice for th'opprest."

"fear" - is not that of a slave toward his master, but a son toward his father.
In this passage, there are not requests, it is only praise to the Lord. Now, that's not easy to do! David started with individual and personal praise (1-6), then moved to national praise (6-19), and concluded with universal praise (20-22).

The Psalm also admonishes us not to forget the blessings after we have received and enjoyed them. Maybe that's why the Psalm has been referred to as David's "Hallelujah Chorus." It is also referred to as the "envelope psalm," because it ends in exactly the same way as it begins, the subject matter being enclosed or enveloped between the opening and closing words: "Bless the Lord, O my soul."

Thoughts of God's grace parade before the soul of the singer. His thoughts soar God-ward as he thinks of the benediction he owes God and of the benefits he receives from God.

When we think of how good God has been to us, what can we give Him in return? Money? Service? No! We can only bring Him thanksgiving and praise. It is as if David counts off on his fingers as it were five attributes for which the believer can offer praise.


When I think about the Lord,
How He sa ...

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