Experiencing His Presence in the Hiding Place (7 of 7) by Frank Damazio

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Experiencing His Presence in the Hiding Place (7 of 7)
Series: God's Empowering Presence
Pastor Frank Damazio

Being with God puts things into an eternal perspective. The temporal loses its hold on us as we look down from His eternal perspective. We realize that things which seem so important now are only a small blip on the screen of our life in eternity. Pains which seem to overwhelm are covered by the realization of how deeply He loves us. Rejection, abuse, loss-all fade as we realize that we are tightly held in the arms of a God who loves us passionately and deeply.
We all know that birds can only see out of one eye at a time and they are always turning their head to look at something. Do you know why? Scientists have discovered that they get a different perspective from each eye. The left eye sees color. The right eye sees movement. Their perspective depends on what eye they look from. Our perspective depends on what eyes we look through: our eyes or God's eyes. And the place we gain the ability to look through God's eyes is in the hiding place with Him.


A Christmas newsletter from a person going through a crisis.

"During the past year 9 of her friends at church were diagnosed with cancer and 2 subsequently died. She and her husband were involved in a head on collision with another car. Her husband had a kidney stone surgery with complications. His father died later that year. Two friends were sentenced to life in prison, one for poisoning his wife and the other for sexually molesting his granddaughter. Her brother in law left his wife and young child for cocaine. Her own brother was suicidal and finally entered an AA program. She was having lunch on an ocean pier with a student from Japan when an elderly man in a wheelchair wheeled himself to the end of the pier, lifted himself over the rail and plunged into the ocean. All this happened in one year."

A. The Di ...

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