Building a Team of Teams Culture by Frank Damazio

Building a Team of Teams Culture
Frank Damazio
Philippians 1:26

Introduction: The culture of team leadership is layered with the values, beliefs, and behaviors of the leaders who are building and implementing a leadership culture. The leadership style and philosophy of the key leader and leaders will shape the culture of how leadership is applied. The team of teams culture is built from the core principles and philosophy of leadership embraced by all the leaders. If team is not in the heart of the leaders, it will be very difficult-if not impossible-to build team culture into the heart of the church.

The challenge is getting all the team players into the same boat at the same time, rowing together in the same direction. The one real calling of a senior pastor is to align the actions of large numbers of people toward a God-given goal and accomplish this goal as a team. My desire is to attain the balance between a leader among leaders and a team leader among many team leaders who lead teams. Most successful churches have a strong leader in the senior pastor position who forms and functions well with a strong team.



1. A team that is a strong, cohesive, complementary group of leaders who pull together in support of a biblical vision led by a qualified leader.

2. A team is a small number of leaders with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, specific attainable goals and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

3. A team that succeeds is a team that excels in the basics of team principles and values, with a clear purpose and mission.

4. A team is not a team just because they work together or because they call themselves a team or because of position or title of team players. A team is first a team in heart and commitment.

5. A team can waste a lot of precious time trying to make every decision as a team when single-leader decisi ...

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