Becoming A Surplus Leader by Frank Damazio

Becoming A Surplus Leader
Frank Damazio

Introduction: My concern is not the devil, the darkness of culture, the pressures of life and ministry. My concern is the emptiness of my spirit, my lack of virtue, my lack of overflow, my lack of surplus. Surplus is a kingdom principle. It is the principle of having more than is required or needed, more than just what is sufficient, more than you expected. It is to have over and above, spilling over the top and in excess. You are to minister out of your surplus, not out of lack.



1. Surplus is more, extra, over the top, won't miss it. Surplus is the space between yourself and your limit. When you reach the limit of your resources, you have no virtue, no surplus left.

2. Surplus can be emptied through a flood of circumstances, events, crises. Life beyond your control can create overload, drain, no margin, no surplus.

3. Surplus is a kingdom principle. It isn't a principle of selfishness, but of giving, the opposite of selfishness. Surplus is the root of maturity and the root of ability to give out. You cannot give what you don't have. You must have a surplus in order to give: a surplus of God, surplus of Spirit, surplus of resources, surplus of God's love.

4. Effective leaders have learned to minister out of SURPLUS-functioning in a spiritual flow and overflow of virtue.


1. Minus people: never have enough.

2. Plus people: have just enough.

3. Surplus people: have more than enough.

4. Super surplus people: have excessive enough.


1. I commit to identify the "minus" work in my spirit and soul and remove it.

2. I commit to move from "minus" to "plus" living.

3. I commit to move from "plus" to "surplus" to "super surplus."


1. Surplus people press in.

Luke 16:16 The law and the prophets were until John. Since that time the kingdom of God has been preached and eve ...

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