Restoring Something Lost (1 of 4) by Frank Damazio

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Restoring Something Lost (1 of 4)
Series: Lost
Frank Damazio

INTRODUCTION: It is easy to get lost. We can be mentally lost, globally lost, socially lost, lost in our work, lost in our lives, and lost in our destiny. We can lose our heads, lose our patience, lose our innocence, lose our marbles, and - if not careful - lose our hearts and souls. If you feel lost in life, what do you do? If you have lost something that you cannot find, where do you go from there?

Being lost can be a horrible experience. People experiencing lostness can feel desperate, helpless, overlooked, and confused. Luke 19:10 says that Jesus came to find and restore people who are experiencing lostness. Jesus desires to intervene in the lost areas of your life and to restore, redirect, refill, and recapture life for you and with you. What have you lost? What has slipped through your fingers?



1. Unable to find one's way; no longer in possession, care, or control of someone; beyond reach; bewildered, disoriented; no longer in use; something is missing; something has been stolen

2. NASA lost moon pictures: One giant step and now one giant blunder for mankind. The first original film of the first moon walk by Neil Armstrong, the original footage, was lost when they moved in 1970. Now 700 boxes of original recordings are lost and no one can find them!

3. Lost cameras: a special blog where you can post photos from lost cameras to find owners. 700,000 people responded looking for their cameras.

4. Lost people: United Response Search and Rescue Company helps people find lost friends, lost relatives, and lost children. "We effectively search for lost people and recover them."


1. Greek: apollumai - to destroy, ruin, cause destruction, fail to obtain, lose everything one possesses, be led astray

2. Apollyon, the Destroyer: the one who leads people into a condition of lostness

3. Lost something:

a. Lost ...

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